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Lisa Ferentz Explains her Concept of Post-Traumatic Growth

There’s no question that helping clients return to a basic functional level should be the main goal with trauma survivors. But what if clients could not only eliminate traumatic stress, but also come away from treatment feeling more resilient and with a fuller sense of self?

It’s not a farfetched concept, says Lisa Ferentz, author of Treating Self-Destructive Behaviors in Traumatized Clients. Empowering hopeless clients beyond where they were before a traumatic event occurred is the cornerstone of Lisa’s “Post-Traumatic Growth” strategy.

In this brief video clip, Lisa describes the tenets of Post-Traumatic Growth and the role of increasing self-reliance, trust in others, and overall sense of safety in a trauma client’s recovery. She also talks about how to determine when someone is on the path to Post-Traumatic Growth.

“This is not so much about getting clients back to normal,” Lisa says. “It’s actually about getting them to a new normal, a place that’s enhanced for them where they can say, ‘I wouldn’t be where I am now if not for the fact that I was traumatized.’”

In the Networker Webcast series The Trauma Treatment Revolution, Lisa shares how to plant the seeds of Post-Traumatic Growth in therapy and how to empower clients who suffer from even the most debilitating traumas.

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