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VIDEO: Why Clients Will Pay More For An Intensive Session

Casey Truffo On Structuring A Therapeutic Intensive

Casey Truffo

With some clients, issues, or circumstances, an hour is not quite enough time to dig in. That’s why it’s great to have an “Intensive Option.” Think of the “Intensive Option” as a 3-hour mini-retreat providing focused attention on issues your clients are highly motivated to resolve. It's the kind of experience clients increasingly want, and you can provide it at a one-time price that’s more than 3 times your hourly rate.

In this quick video, Casey Truffo explains exactly how to structure an intensive session so that it’s successful for both the client and the therapist. Learn the basics from Casey now.

Casey Truffo is a true creative visionary—working at the intersection of the therapist’s calling and the concrete opportunities a rapidly changing market landscape provides. She is also the founder of the International Therapist Leadership Institute, and the author of Be a Wealthy Therapist and How to Build Your Full and Rewarding Private Practice.

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