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VIDEO: Using Empathy to Help Kids Self-Regulate

How Being Calm and Collected Gets Us Connected

Martha Straus

Young kids can’t self-soothe and regulate emotion like adults can.

So in situations when children are acting out, repercussions like Time Out often lead to making the behavior worse, because they feel misunderstood and alone—leading them to act out even more.

Martha Straus, author of No-Talk Therapy for Children and Adolescents, says that when these situations occur, we need to “loan” kids our adult limbic brains and emotional stability to help them feel attended to and comforted.

In this brief video clip, Martha recalls an instance in which she used co-regulation with a young boy who was put in isolation after throwing a tantrum at school.

Martha Straus is the author of No-Talk Therapy for Children and Adolescents and Adolescent Girls in Crisis: Intervention and Hope. This clip is taken from her session in our kids and teens video course.

Read Martha's article on "Loaning Young Clients Our Brains" for FREE.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016 7:41:38 AM | posted by Kids Channel
That's so nice video. Hope you will create a lot of good video like this.