Lighting the Spark in Teen Clients

Ron Taffel on Creating Conditions for Connection

Ron Taffel

Ron Taffel on Creating Conditions for Connection

How do you create an atmosphere that your teen clients will value rather than resist?

According to Ron Taffel, the 1-2-3 combination is to be less guarded, more spontaneous, and stop worrying that being yourself—warts and all—will weaken your credibility.

Teens are looking for authenticity and when they find the real thing, they’ll engage.

Here’s how it works.

Ron Taffel is the author of eight books about parenting, famillies, and working with young clients and teens.

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Nothing requires more of your clinical skills, attunement, and creativity than working well with children and teenagers. To complicate matters, parents are often at a loss about what they can do to help and many are unaware of how they may be contributing to their child’s challenges and distress. What’s hard to find is sound, practical advice to help you integrate today's most effective perspectives and methods for working with kids, adolescents, and parents into your current clinical approach to improve your client outcomes. Below are some other Psychotherapy Networker resources you might find useful.

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1 Comment

Sunday, April 5, 2015 1:45:48 PM | posted by Phil West
Although I don't work with teens at this time (yet? :)) this little clip came at the right time. It is so refreshing to hear what I have felt for so long: that we must take note of the centrality of the therapeutic relationship. To me, this has always made such simple sense. I feel glad to have it validated by Mr. Taffel.