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Peggy Papp on Using Metaphor for New Insight, Fresh Language, and Forward Movement

How can a therapist cut through a couple’s intellectualizations, defensiveness, and ritualized use of language?

According to legendary couples therapist Peggy Papp, the key is to explore the metaphors that represent each partner’s experience of the relationship.

To do exactly that, Peggy refined a method she calls “couples choreography.”

This video is from Peggy’s Webcast—Metaphor, Symbol, and Fantasy in Couples Therapy—which features a clinical video demo of Peggy working with a challenging couple intercut with her comments on her approach and decisions made in the moment. It’s part of our Webcast series called:

Moment by Moment in the Consulting Room
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This unique show-and-tell Webcast series features powerful clinical videos of challenging sessions interwoven with detailed analysis of the techniques used, the moment-by-moment decisions made, and more.

You won’t find clinical video demonstrations by master therapists Peggy Papp, Erving Polster, Richard Schwartz, Jeffrey Zeig, Virginia Satir, and Milton H. Erickson in a single Webcast series anywhere else.

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