Getting Low-Energy Clients from “I Can’t” to “I Will”

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Margaret Wehrenberg on Mobilizing the Depressed Client.

To get started, therapy requires energy. Too often that’s something low-energy depressives often can’t even imagine having.

In this clip from her session in our Webcast series New Hope for the Depressed Client: Psychotherapy's Most Effective Approaches, Margaret Wehrenberg shows how to work with one of the toughest kinds of clients—the person who’s so exhausted and hopeless that even the smallest change feels impossible.

Margaret Wehrenberg specializes in anxiety treatment. She’s the author of The 10 Best-Ever Anxiety Management Techniques and The 10 Best-Ever Depression Management Techniques.

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Anxiety and depression are the two most common problems clients bring to psychotherapy today, but they remain some of the most challenging conditions to accurately and effectively assess and treat. What’s hard to find is sound, practical advice to help you integrate today's most effective perspectives and methods into your current clinical approach to improve your client outcomes. Below are some other Psychotherapy Networker resources you might find useful.

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