Why Partners “Lean Out” of Marriage

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Bill Doherty on A New Kind of Commitment

Bill Doherty explains how the “consumer marriage” is changing the face of commitment.

You wouldn’t make the decision to marry using the same logic you might use to pick out a new car or invest in a particular mutual fund. Or would you?

According to Bill Doherty, an expert in marriage and family therapy and author of Take Back Your Marriage, today’s couples think of marriage in terms of how it can benefit them both psychologically and economically.

In this brief video clip, Bill explains how we’ve come to commodify marriage. For many, if our prospective partner doesn’t meet our happiness standards—or turns out to be the wrong fit years later—we’re under no firm obligation to stay in the relationship.

Join us for our newest Networker Webcast series The Changing Face of Marriage, where Bill gives an overview of Discernment Counseling and lays out questions you can ask to determine why clients are “leaning out” or “leaning in.” This series covers everything you need to understand about the new norms surrounding intimacy, marriage, divorce, boundaries, privacy, and related issues. Plus you get "how-to" guidance on working confidently and effectively in a landscape of changing attitudes from leading innovators Esther Perel, William Doherty, Pat Love, Terry Real, Joe Kort, and Tammy Nelson.

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