Mate Selection in the Culture of Reboot

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Pat Love on The Consequences of Choice Fatigue

Pat Love explains how choice fatigue is changing the ways therapists handle relationship consultations.

Nobody ever said dating was easy. But nowadays it seems a lot less likely that you’ll meet your future husband or wife at the supermarket, a company picnic, or church before you’ll see their profile picture on the internet and read their hopes and dreams summarized in 50 words or less.

For better or worse, this is this the new reality of dating, says Pat Love, couples therapist and author of Hot Monogamy. Thanks in part to the internet and online dating, our choices about how to date, who to date, and what satisfies our wants and needs has changed drastically.

In this brief video clip, Pat explains this concept of choice fatigue. With so many potential partners to choose from, people become less confident about their selections and more dissatisfied with their relationships. A happy partner, she adds, may have more difficulty maintaining a relationship if their significant other perceives better alternatives on the horizon and “hits reboot.”

In our newest Network Webcast series The Changing Face of Marriage, Pat shares ways to help couples struggling from choice fatigue experience a “magic moment” and tips to get partners to relinquish their sense of self-entitlement to see their partner’s point of view. This series covers everything you need to understand about the new norms surrounding intimacy, marriage, divorce, boundaries, privacy, and related issues. Plus you get "how-to" guidance on working confidently and effectively in a landscape of changing attitudes from leading innovators Esther Perel, William Doherty, Pat Love, Terry Real, Joe Kort, and Tammy Nelson.

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