VIDEO: Using Yoga to Calm the Revved-Up Client

The Yoga Breath’s Universal Application

Amy Weintraub

Not everyone loves yoga. But brain science has revealed how deep yogic breathing can calm our overactive nervous system, clear our distressed mind, and restore us to a balanced emotional state, says Amy Weintraub, a recognized leader in the field of yoga and a presenter at this year’s Psychotherapy Networker Symposium.

So how do you introduce these techniques in session without rubbing a yoga-averse therapy client the wrong way? Hear Amy explain in the video clip below:

Amy Weintraub explains how yoga breaths can be used with many clients.

Incorporating these yoga practices into your current approaches can lead to more positive outcomes in less time than talk therapy alone, and they’re as easy to teach as they are to learn. No expertise in yoga required.

Did you enjoy this video? Don’t miss Amy’s upcoming Symposium workshops, A Day of Gentle Yoga: Calming the Mind and Body and Helping Clients Get Centered: Yoga Skills in the Consulting Room.

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To read more about Amy’s work and the benefits of yoga practices in therapy, check out her Networker article, “Yoga in the Therapy Room: Centering the Uncentered Client” from our July 2013 issue, Searching for the Therapeutic “Aha”: Brain Science and Clinical Breakthroughs.

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