Like It or Not, DSM-5 Will Affect Your Practice

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Martha Teater on One of the Major Changes in DSM-5

Whether you’re a critic or a proponent of DSM-5, that fact that it exists and will affect your practice is undeniable. Between several new diagnoses, the removal of other diagnoses, new symptom clusters, and new severity scales, there is a lot of information in DSM-5 that anyone looking to continue practicing psychotherapy needs to understand.

That’s where Martha Teater comes in. Having already trained over 4,000 clinicians on the changes in DSM-5, Martha has become an expert on this new edition and what clinicians really need to know.

In this short video clip, Martha discusses a huge change in the DSM-5 that many therapists are still adjusting to—diagnosis-specific severity scales.

Martha Teater, M.A., is a Diplomate with the Academy of Cognitive Therapy who has trained over 4,000 clinicians on the new changes in DSM-5. This clip is taken from her session in our DSM-5 video course:

The Uproar Over DSM-5: How The New Standards Affect Your PracticeLike it or not, DSM dictates how we think about mental disorders, diagnoses, clinical research, and insurance coverage. The changes in this new edition will affect how you practice, and this series covers what you need to know:

  • The major controversies and heated debates surrounding this new edition and why they matter

  • The new structure of DSM-5 and how it differs from DSM-IV

  • Why specific diagnostic categories have been introduced and others eliminated

  • The new, more precise specifiers necessary for diagnosis

  • Other practical changes that will impact your clinical work and insurance reimbursement

  • The forces that shaped DSM-5—economic, scientific, and political

  • The role that neuroscience increasingly plays in psychological diagnosis and how that will impact the DSM moving forward

  • Powerful Insights from DSM experts—proponents, critics, and clinicians on the front line.

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