VIDEO: Presencing Secure Attachment

An Experiential Approach

Diane Poole Heller

What keeps people stuck in destructive relationship patterns? While Attachment Theory has provided some answers as to how those patterns originate, many clients remain trapped within them. What’s missing for them isn’t the desire to change—it’s an authentic experience of what it means to be secure in a relationship. That’s why Diane Poole Heller, expert trainer in the Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning Experience model, has developed tools to create corrective experiences in therapy that nourish clients’ capacity for secure attachment.

Diane Poole Heller on how to foster corrective experiences in therapy.

While the biological and psychological foundation for secure attachment exists in all of us, Diane says, it can be inaccessible to some of us because of early childhood experiences, trauma, or attachment injuries. Diane has developed a range of exercises, one of which she shares in this video clip, to help her clients realize their potential for more secure attachment.

In her session of the Networker Webcast When Attachment is the Problem, Diane demonstrates how therapists can create corrective emotional experiences in the consulting room that enable clients to increase their inherent capacities for fuller, deeper connectedness.

Topic: Attachment Theory | Trauma

Tags: corrective experiences | emotion | secure attachment | therapist | therapists | therapy

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