Finding the Solution at the Heart of a Problem

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Stephen Gilligan on transforming what’s negative into openings for fresh discovery.

Noted trance expert Steve Gilligan, the author of The Legacy of Milton H. Erickson, has developed a simple, powerful method for helping both clients and therapists access states of mind and body that open up previously unexplored possibilities.

In this quick video,  he demonstrates 4 simple phrases—relational mantras—to explore the possible solutions contained at the heart of a client’s problem.

You can start using these right away to go below everyday language and access the heart of what brings your client to therapy.

This clip is taken from Steve Gilligan's session in our master therapists video course:

Clinical Demonstrations from Master Therapists
These video demonstrations, combined with analyses by the master clinicians themselves, are designed to bring new insight and clarity of purpose to your clinical work. You’ll learn how to:

  • Cultivate spontaneity, curiosity, and excitement in your sessions

  • Leverage your personality, creativity, and humor to make your work come more fully alive

  • Bring a warm, authoritative presence to therapy without influencing the client too much

  • Attune most effectively with clients and use what's most genuine and affirming in the moment

  • Incorporate tools and methods from theater, film, poetry, the visual arts, music, and other art forms that bring new inspiration to your sessions

  • Go beyond words and intellectualizing to help clients develop a fuller experience in the therapy room

  • Help clients access their most creative states of consciousness to solve problems outside your office

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Topic: Challenging Clients & Treatment Populations

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1 Comment

Wednesday, December 31, 2014 2:31:41 AM | posted by GOLDYE MEYER
Excellent piece by Steve Gilligan but the last mantra spoken was unclear. where could I see it in print ? I particularly liked the simplicity and directness
of his responses.