Winning the Anxiety Game

Today’s Video: How to Change the Rules

Rich Simon

No one enjoys the way that panic feels. But the trouble with trying to avoid or get rid of panic altogether is that it can lead to a fear of panicking itself. What panicked clients need from therapy instead, says Reid Wilson, author of Don’t Panic, are skills for engaging with their distress, not new ways to keep avoiding it.

Reid Wilson teaches clients how to overcome anxiety by welcoming it.

As Reid explains in this brief video clip, “The message that I want people to have at the end of therapy is that whatever happens, they can handle it.” The goal of therapy with Reid isn’t just to alleviate panic, but to become more active in actually welcoming it in their lives. Says Reid, “We really want clients doing things despite the distress. That's the best way to get beyond full-blown panic attacks.”

So how do people get crippling panic down to manageable levels? In the Networker Webcast series Treating Anxiety, Reid discusses what therapists can do to equip panicked clients with the tools they need to face their panic in fuller, more active lives.

Treating Anxiety:
A Toolkit for Your Practice

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