How Simple Mindfulness-Based Techniques Can Pave The Way Out Of Depression

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Zindal Segal On Helping Clients Take The First Step

What’s happening when a client suffering from symptoms of depression is willing to follow the therapist’s voice with eyes closed?

According to Zindal Segal that simple act is a commitment to choicefulness and a first step towards shifting the perceptions that make depression so hard to shake.

In this video clip, Segal describes how guiding clients from wide focus to narrow focus and back to wide, beings a process that help clients move, by small steps, towards a new repertoire of more adaptive ways of responding to the stressing experiences that feed depression.

Zindel Segal is head of the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Clinic of the Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto. This clip is taken from his session in our mind-body video course:

New Hope for the Depressed Client
Learn how to integrate a variety of new perspectives and methods into your current clinical approach. You’ll get:

  • The latest research about what works when treating depression and what doesn’t

  • The do’s and don’ts of combining antidepressant medication with talk therapy

  • Concrete guidance on the most important factors in starting therapy on the right note

  • Practical tips on the crucial role of homework and behavioral activation with depressed clients

  • New mind-body and mindfulness approaches, and how to use them with depressed clients

  • Everything you need to know about relapse prevention

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