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Today’s Video: The Case for Hearing Anxiety Out

Rich Simon

As far as universal human experiences go, anxiety is usually seen as a heinous beast. Clients hate it and therapists typically offer ways to get rid of it—but not many take the approach that multisensory therapy expert Danie Beaulieu offers.

Danie sees anxiety not as an adversary, but as a friend that can move therapy forward. Take, for example, her client who experienced severe panic every time he climbed into his truck. Truck driving was his livelihood and he depended on it to feed his family, but his panic attacks were so severe that he stopped working for a year and saw over 10 therapists in search of an explanation.

It’s not surprising that when he first started seeing Danie, he viewed anxiety as a roadblock in his life. But with one simple question, Danie began the process of reframing his anxiety as a guide—a GPS-like signal from the body that he needed to reevaluate his life. In this brief video clip, Danie explains how she worked with this client.

In her session of the Networker Webcast series Treating Anxiety, Danie further describes the benefits of partnering with anxiety instead of battling it, how the circle of anxiety functions, and how to help clients form productive alliances with their symptoms.

Treating Anxiety:
A Toolkit for Your Practice

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Topic: Anxiety/Depression

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