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Getting Anxious Families to Loosen Up

Today’s Video: A Homework Assignment for Anxious Kids

Rich Simon

Anxiety is a demanding beast, with a long list of conditions that must be met to keep it at bay. It forces anxious children and their families to banish uncertainty, avoid surprises, cling to safety and security—the list could go on forever. Unfortunately, when anxiety is running the show in a child’s life, the family tends to become more and more inflexible.

Though rigid families may think their patterns of avoidance are helpful, the truth is just the reverse. Lynn Lyons, coauthor of Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents, has often observed that a rigid family dynamic typically fuels a child’s anxiety. In this brief video clip, she explains, “Anxious families tend to be very rigid with a lot of rules about getting homework done, a lot of worry about making mistakes.” The problem is that all those inflexible rules perpetuate an anxious child’s symptoms.

That’s why Lynn designed the "Wall of Flexibility," a simple homework assignment that directs parents to reward their children for going with the flow—the exact opposite of what anxiety wants. When the child steps out of a comfort zone or works through some uncertainty, the parents write this on a sticky note and put it up on a designated wall. They eventually give the child a prize for reaching a certain number of sticky notes.

In the Networker Webcast series Treating Anxiety, Lynn shares more of the common family patterns that accompany childhood anxiety and the exercises she assigns to rework those dynamics.

Treating Anxiety:
A Toolkit for Your Practice

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