Connecting with Avoidant Clients

Today’s Video: What Secure Attachment Looks Like

Rich Simon

For those who struggle with early attachment injuries, even the presumably safe presence of the therapist can often evoke feelings of desperation, fear, and threat. Diane Poole Heller, developer of the Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning Experience model, is an expert at creating a sense of safety with even the most troubled clients.

In this brief video clip, Diane shows us how she worked with a client who found the therapy relationship so threatening that he took off his glasses when he entered her office to keep her face an indistinct blur. Here, she vividly demonstrates the vocal tone and facial expression she used to “presence secure attachment” in the therapy room with him.

As one of several master clinicians featured in the Networker Webcast When Attachment Is the Problem, Diane provides a range of powerful nonverbal tools for creating powerful corrective emotional experiences with clients for whom ordinary talk therapy is ineffective.

When Attachment Is the Problem:
Putting Attachment Theory into Practice

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