Is Therapy Creative?

Erving Polster on Rethinking the Concept of Creativity

Rich Simon

When something is described as being "creative," most of us instinctively think of the arts: a painting, a novel, a piece of music, or some sort of performance. But the arts don't hold a monopoly on creativity—in fact, there's plenty of opportunity to bring it into the world of psychotherapy.

Just ask Erving Polster, who, with over six decades of clinical experience, is one of psychotherapy's new masters. In a recent interview when we asked him what creativity in psychotherapy meant to him, he replied that it simply means that "you make something new happen."

Watch the clip below from Erving's session in our brand-new Networker Webcast series, Creativity in the Consulting Room, to hear him talk about the concept of creativity how he sees it and how it is applied to the work we do with our clients.

This is just one of the concepts of utilizing creativity in therapy that Erving will discuss in this new series.

Creativity in the Consulting Room
New Tools for More Energizing and Effective Therapy

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Here’s a preview of what each session in this series offers you:

  • Stephen Gilligan on Evoking Creative States of Consciousness
    Master powerful methods for helping clients access the generative mind-body states that can enable them to realize their dreams.

  • Courtney Armstrong on Vitalizing Your Clinical Style
    Break free from one-size-fits-all approaches and discover how to bring more of your creative potential into your work.

  • Erving Polster on Making New Things Happen
    A celebrated therapist with more than 6 decades of clinical experience reflects on the lessons he’s learned about creativity in the consulting room.

  • Peggy Papp on Metaphor, Symbol, and Fantasy in Couples Therapy
    Learn how to use experiential techniques to transform therapeutic stalemates into transformational moments.

  • Steve Andreas on The Clinical Artistry of Virginia Satir
    Through the use of clinical videos, focus on understanding the powerful techniques that made Virginia Satir a legend in our field.

  • Jeffrey Zeig on Altering Consciousness Through the Arts
    Discover how to use methods drawn from the arts to helps clients shift rigid patterns of unhappy thoughts, emotions, and sensations.

Creativity in the Consulting Room
Series Available Now!

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