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Earlier this week, the Networker's director of CE, Zach Taylor, hosted therapist and author Dafna Lender for the second-ever installment of "Networker Live," a series of live conversations and Q&As with the magazine's top contributors. The pair discussed Dafna's approach to working with intergenerational trauma in families, in addition to her case study, "A New Family Narrative," from the November/December 2020 issue.

Check out their conversation below, and join us on Facebook for the next installment of "Networker Live!"

Dafna Lender, LCSW, is an international trainer and supervisor for practitioners who work with children and families. She’s a certified trainer and supervisor/consultant in both Theraplay and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, and the coauthor of Theraplay: The Practitioner’s Guide. Contact: dafna@dafnalender.com.

Topic: Anxiety/Depression | Challenging Clients & Treatment Populations | Children/Adolescents | Families

Tags: Anxiety | Child development | family therapy | Networker Live

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