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Dealing with Cybertrance Mindfully

Tara Brach Shares a Personal Story

Tara Brach

With so much of our lives being conducted in front of screens right now, it can be easy to lose sight of the world around us—we get sucked into a cybertrance, spending hours on social media, video streaming sites, and online retailers, often at the expense of cultivating an appreciation of the natural world around us.

According to psychologist, author, and mindfulness expert Tara Brach, when we become reactive to the cybertrance, our ability to be mindful suffers. In a discussion with Networker editor Rich Simon, she shared a personal story about how, when her adolescent son's video gaming got to be too much, she used what she calls "the sacred pause" to reenter a mindful state and get to the core of what she was feeling.

Tara Brach, PhD, is the founder of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington and cofounding teacher with Jack Kornfield of the Awareness Training Institute. A clinical psychologist for 18 years, she’s author of several books, including her latest, Radical Compassion.

As Brach's experience shows, even the most mindful of us can be prone to quick-rising feelings of anger and impatience. But if we take a mindful moment to recalibrate, we can often get to the source of the feelings underneath that anger, like fear or sorrow, and then talk about it.

In her Networker article, Brach outlines her four-step process for applying compassion to feelings of fear. "While we can feel the vulnerability around us with raw fear and agitation," she writes, "we can also feel the possibility that in some deep way, what’s unfolding can wake up more loving, more compassion in the world. This is the potential that we have in front of us right now."


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