VIDEO: Peter Levine on Finding Inner Balance with Ourselves and Others

Staying Connected While Separate During Times of Uncertainty

Peter Levine

One of our biggest challenges right now, says trauma expert and Somatic Experiencing Developer Peter Levine, is to realize that physical isolation doesn’t automatically mean emotional disconnection. We still have choices that enable us to distinguish between the pandemic outside and the panic-demic we can create within ourselves.

In this clip from his 2020 Virtual Networker Symposium presentation, he explains what it means to stay connected and courageous during troubling times.

Peter Levine, PhD, is the developer of Somatic Experiencing. His books include Waking the Tiger, In an Unspoken Voice, and Trauma and Memory.

"Courage is not about the absence of fear, but the capacity to act creatively in the presence of fear," Levine writes in his recent Networker article. "Right now, some of the best ways to access our capacity for courage are doing things like listening to music, preparing meals together with the people we’re living with, moving and dancing with our inner rhythms, and finding ways to connect with others, even if the medium of that connection is virtual."


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Topic: Anxiety/Depression | Cultural, Social & Racial Issues | Trauma

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