VIDEO: Bessel van der Kolk on Taking Care of Our Mental Health During Coronavirus

What the Research Says about Staying Connected in Times of Crisis

Bessel van der Kolk

How do you find community in the midst of physical distancing? However you can. In this clip from the 2020 Networker Virtual Symposium, trauma expert Bessel van der Kolk shares how he's maintaining social connections, offers a few tips, and explains what attachment and trauma research tells us about the importance of staying connected during times of crisis.

Bessel van der Kolk, MD, is the founder of the Trauma Center and the bestselling author of The Body Keeps the Score.


"Perhaps the most important contribution the therapy world, including the field of trauma, can make to the wider culture is to give people greater access to their innate self-regulatory systems," van der Kolk says in his Networker article. "The way that they move, breathe, sing, interact with each other [allows them to] discover their natural resources to regulate themselves in a different way, especially when life gets challenging."


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Topic: Trauma

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