VIDEO: Peter Levine on Healing Trauma

The Key to Holding Space for Our Clients

Peter Levine

Perhaps no one has been more responsible for the growing movement toward body-based therapy than Peter Levine, the developer of Somatic Experiencing, bestselling author Walking the Tiger: Healing Trauma, and trainer of tens of thousands of therapists around the world.

His work on helping therapists master the ability to read bodies—both their clients and their own—has transformed our notions of what the power, depth, and effectiveness of trauma treatment can be.

In this clip from the 2020 Networker Virtual Symposium, Levine shares a personal story about moving through trauma, from his acclaimed book In an Unspoken Voice.

Peter Levine, PhD, is the developer of Somatic Experiencing. His books include Waking the Tiger, In an Unspoken Voice, and Trauma and Memory.

"When we feel overwhelmed by trauma, talk alone isn’t going to do very much," Levine said in a recent Networker interview. "We have to go to the unspoken voice of our bodies: one that doesn’t use words to create experiences that contradict those of fear and helplessness."


If you enjoyed this video, you might also like this Networker article on Levine's somatic approach to healing, "From Margin to Mainstream."

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