VIDEO: Michael Alcée on Doing Therapy with Introverts

What Works and What Doesn't

Michael Alcée

There’s a bright light shining these days on the third to half of Americans who are introverts. Psychologist Michael Alcee counsels them in practice and runs a group where introverts come together and celebrate their unique gifts with one another. Here, he tells us why therapists should help introvert’s reimagine the positives of a temperament that’s often undervalued in our extraverted culture. 

Michael Alcée, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and speaker with a background in music, literature, and art. He helps individuals, organizations, and schools make innovative connections to create systemic change.


Want to hear more from Michael? Find out how he helped a young, introverted client embrace her introversion as a gift rather than a problem in his piece, "'Nobody Knows!'" in the November/December 2018 issue, A New Generation of Clients: Is Therapy Keeping Pace?

Topic: Anxiety/Depression

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