The Pleasures of Time Distortion

A Lifetime of Change in One Long Weekend

Rich Simon

symad_ri2Let’s face it—no less than the clients we serve, therapists are largely creatures of habit. And like them, we can often find that our busy, stressful lives get too jam-packed and leave us little room for the spontaneous, unexpected, and exploratory. Herman Melville once famously compared that dull, trance-like state of tedium and ennui to a “damp, drizzly November in my soul"...or January as it were. But while Melville’s preferred remedy for a pick-me-up was a voyage aboard a 19th-century whaler, in today’s world, we have other, less risky means of achieving intellectual and emotional rejuvenation.

For therapists, one kind of medicine for the staleness and assembly-line monotony that can creep into even the most stimulating practice is a high-energy conference where, together with a lively herd of fellow members of your professional tribe, you can immerse yourself in a bubbling, simmering stew of personalities, presentations, innovative ideas, fun conversations, creative possibilities, chance meetings, and budding acquaintanceships that often turn into lifelong friendships.

This is the kind of rejuvenating conference experience we’ve been cooking up at the Networker Symposium for over 35 years now. For me, the tip-off each year that the Symposium is doing its job is how it benevolently distorts time—when each days feels so replete with new experiences and discoveries that when I leave, even though it’s just been a few days, it’s as if weeks have passed. Whatever the many advantages of online training—the increasingly popular vehicle for CE learning these days—that exhilarating sense of fullness and intensity is not one of them. At this spring’s upcoming gathering (March 20-23 in Washington, DC) inspired by our theme, Engaging the Emotional Brain, we’re focusing more than ever on creating the kind of face-to-face, total immersion experience that offers attendees the deepest, most enduring benefits and is increasingly uncommon in the impersonality of our digital age.

More than ever, this year we’ve focused on enhancing the Symposium’s long-term impact. In addition to all the exciting speakers and events on the conference program, we’ve added a whole segment to this year’s Sunday program, The Next Step: Taking the Symposium Home, that combines cognitive strategies, mindfulness practices, and group interactions to help you internalize and integrate what you’ve learned at the conference. Once you’re back home, you can join special Meet the Experts webcasts; conversations with featured speakers where you can ask them questions that you forgot to ask, or that didn’t occur to you, during the Symposium.

So, we hope to see you in Washington, DC, this March. For an unforgettable experience that puts into practice everything neuroscience and other artistic disciplines, sciences, and spiritual traditions are teaching us about being fully present, breaking out of the trance of the habitual and learning at the deepest level, the Symposium is a hard experience to beat.

Networker Symposium 2014
March 20-23 in Washington, DC
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Sunday, January 12, 2014 6:09:18 PM | posted by Colleague Last Name
I really resent that what seemed like an interesting, relevant article turned into an Infomercial for the symposium!