Does Your Depressed Client Even Want to Change?

David Burns on Using Paradoxical Agenda Setting

Rich Simon

When clients seeks therapeutic help for depression, often the immediate response is to help them change certain aspects of their lives. But what if the client isn't actively seeking change?

David Burns—author of When Panic Attacks and Feeling Good—has developed a technique called paradoxical agenda setting that he uses early on in his work with depressed clients to determine if they're looking to make changes in their life.

In this brief clip from David's session in our brand-new webcast series, Treating the Depressed Client, he talks about the first two steps of paradoxical agenda setting, drawing on an example from his own clinical work.

This is just one of the resistance-based topics in depression treatment that David will cover in the first session from this series, launching this Wednesday.

Treating the Depressed Client:
The Most Effective Approaches

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Here’s a preview of what each session in this series offers you:

  • David Burns on Overcoming Resistance in Depression Treatment
    Develop a more powerful and effective approach to shortening depression treatment.

  • Michael Yapko on Depression: An Experiential Approach
    View video clips of a clinical interview and expand your range of active, skill-building techniques with depressed clients.

  • Zindel Segal on The Mindful Way Through Depression
    Bring the insights of mindfulness traditions into your work with depressed clients.

  • Margaret Wehrenberg on When Depression and Anxiety Co-Occur
    Identify seven types of anxious/depressed clients and how to approach each one.

  • Judith Beck on The Cognitive Therapy of Depression
    Learn powerful techniques for bringing about enduring changes in depression symptoms.

  • Elisha Goldstein on Self-Compassion and the Depressed Client
    Enhance your ability to create an atmosphere of trust and empowerment in working with depressed clients.

Treating the Depressed Client
Series Begins Wednesday

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Topic: Anxiety/Depression | Mindfulness

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