Desiring Change, but Clinging to the Familiar

David Burns on Turning Resistance into the Voice of Change

Rich Simon

One of the most fascinating things about the human mind is how it's influenced by both motivation and cognition. We often desire change, especially when we find ourselves in difficult or unpleasant situations, but the compulsion to stay with what is familiar and comfortable creates resistance to that change.

Facing this resistance with clients who suffer from depression is a major challenge for many therapists. The client knows they need to change in order to improve, and they may even say they want to change, but getting them to take the actionable steps necessary to make that change may require an extra push from the therapist.

Watch the clip below from David Burns' session in our brand-new webcast series, Treating the Depressed Client, to hear him talk about a technique that he employs with resistant clients to turn them into the voice of change.

This is just one of the techniques for overcoming resistance in depression treatment that David will discuss in our brand-new webcast series.

Treating the Depressed Client:
The Most Effective Approaches

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Here’s a preview of what each session in this series offers you:

  • David Burns on Overcoming Resistance in Depression Treatment
    Develop a more powerful and effective approach to shortening depression treatment.

  • Michael Yapko on Depression: An Experiential Approach
    View video clips of a clinical interview and expand your range of active, skill-building techniques with depressed clients.

  • Zindel Segal on The Mindful Way Through Depression
    Bring the insights of mindfulness traditions into your work with depressed clients.

  • Margaret Wehrenberg on When Depression and Anxiety Co-Occur
    Identify seven types of anxious/depressed clients and how to approach each one.

  • Judith Beck on The Cognitive Therapy of Depression
    Learn powerful techniques for bringing about enduring changes in depression symptoms.

  • Elisha Goldstein on Self-Compassion and the Depressed Client
    Enhance your ability to create an atmosphere of trust and empowerment in working with depressed clients.

Treating the Depressed Client
Series Begins January 15th

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Topic: Anxiety/Depression | Mindfulness

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