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Jeff Auerbach on the Key Differences Between Therapy and Coaching

Rich Simon

Therapy and coaching have a lot of common ground, a fact that partially accounts for why many therapists are looking to expand or refocus their careers with coaching. With a host of transferrable skills—including high standards of accountability, honed listening abilities, and focusing on clients’ strengths—experienced therapists are in a good position to make the shift from clinical work to coaching.

However, the therapist-turned-coach must also learn new ways of communicating with clients that move beyond the usual expert stance of therapy. According to Jeff Auerbach—author of Personal and Executive Coaching: The Complete Guide for Mental Health Professionals—therapists and coaches may encounter the same types of clients, scenarios, and feeling states, but need to approach them in completely different ways.

Watch this clip from our Expand Your Practice: New Opportunities in Today’s Mental Health Marketplace webcast series to see Jeff demonstrates the key differences between how therapists and coaches work with emotion.

This is just one of the aspects of coaching that Jeff will discuss in our webcast series.

Expand Your Practice:
New Opportunities in Today’s Mental Health Marketplace
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  • Jeff Auerbach on Coaching for Mental Health Professionals
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  • DeeAnna Nagel on Therapy’s Digital Future
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Expand Your Practice:
New Opportunities in Today’s Mental Health Marketplace
Click here for full course details

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