The Question Every Therapist’s Website Should Answer

Joe Bavonese on Getting—and Keeping—Potential Clients’ Attention on the Web

Rich Simon

As diversely populated as the online world is, web surfers, blog skimmers, and online shoppers all tend to agree on one thing—they want information and they want it fast. Potential therapy clients are no different, so simply having a website is only the first step in attracting new clients. Then you need to make sure they actually stick around to set up their first consultation.

Of course, keeping someone’s attention on the web is no easy task. According to Relationship Institute founder Joe Bavonese, if people come across your website and don’t get the information they need in 30 seconds or less, they’ll quickly move on.

In the following clip from our webcast series Expand Your Practice: New Opportunities in Today’s Mental Health Marketplace, Joe talks about the one question your website needs to answer clearly and immediately in order to keep people on the page and get them into your office.

This is just one of the strategies for attracting new clients that Joe will discuss in our webcast series.

Expand Your Practice:
New Opportunities in Today’s Mental Health Marketplace
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Here’s a preview of what each session in this series offers you:

  • Lynn Grodzki on The Future of Private Practice
    Update your vision of how to build and maintain a successful 21st century practice.

  • Joe Bavonese on Branding Your Practice
    Explore how the internet and social media can enable you to attract more clients and achieve more business success.

  • Casey Truffo on Creating Multiple Streams of Income
    Expand your vision of how to increase your income and deliver your therapeutic services using the principles of “pink spoon” marketing.

  • Nicholas Cummings on Integrated Behaviorial Healthcare and You
    Get an overview of the professional and economic factors shaping the future of private practice and the new career opportunities emerging for therapists.

  • Jeff Auerbach on Coaching for Mental Health Professionals
    Discover the opportunities, skills, and knowledge needed to transition into the emerging professional specialty of coaching.

  • DeeAnna Nagel on Therapy’s Digital Future
    Survey the rapidly growing range of technology-delivered alternatives to face-to-face therapy and what they might mean for your professional future.

Expand Your Practice:
New Opportunities in Today’s Mental Health Marketplace
Click here for full course details

Topic: Professional Development

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