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State of the Art 2013 Isn’t Over Yet!

Rich Simon

Though psychotherapy is a relational field, it’s not uncommon for therapists to struggle with a sense of professional isolation. Faced with the difficulties of everyday practice, they can feel lost and alone when wrestling with how to best meet their clients’ needs. Even with support from consultation groups and continuing education programs, therapists often struggle with questions like:

  • With all the new information out there about brain science, how do I separate the clinically helpful from the needlessly complicated?

  • In my work with traumatized clients, why does it seem like they’re overcoming the event in one session and falling apart the next?

  • How do I work through relationship options with couples when I’m unfamiliar with alternative models of monogamy that are becoming commonplace?

  • When bringing mindfulness techniques into psychotherapy, how do I manage my own immediate presence with clients?

Questions like these are crucial to a therapist’s self-awareness and professional growth. That’s why, during the week of November 18th, we’ll be following up on audience questions for these presenters from our State of the Art virtual conference:

  • Dan Siegel and Rick Hanson on Does Neuroscience Really Matter?

  • Esther Perel and William Doherty on Commitment and Its Challenges in 21st Century Couples

  • Mary Jo Barrett and Dick Schwartz on Treating Trauma: A 30 Year Perspective

  • Chris Germer and Diana Fosha on The Now Moment

Watch the clip below from Dan Siegel and Rick Hanson’s presentation to get a feel for the kind of insightful and informative content we’ll be following up on next week:

If you didn’t attend State of the Art, you still have time to sign up, view the original sessions, and ask questions for the select presenters to address next week. You’ll also have access to the rest of our 40 events that aired as part of the conference for up to 5 months. We hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to reach beyond your day-to-day practice and get sensible guidance from today’s leading therapists.

Topic: Professional Development | Couples | Mindfulness | Trauma

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