The Power of Conversation

Bringing Your Voice to the Exploration of Psychotherapy

Rich Simon

Rich SimonNothing makes me feel punchier and more ill-informed than glancing at the accumulation of advertisements announcing trainings, new publications, practice trends, and research findings in my email inbox every day. (And yes, I know that some of you may think that we at the Networker contribute more than our fair share to that intimidating daily avalanche.) But my job as editor of the Networker has given me the opportunity to regularly discover that keeping up is actually not so beyond my capabilities.

Almost every day I get the chance to speak with the movers and shakers responsible for many of the field’s innovations. It enables me to identify the specific questions I need answered in order to finally get it, to grasp the new idea or wrap my mind around the new clinical methodology that previously seemed so complicated. That’s the miracle of that most user-friendly way ever devised for updating our inner road map of knowledge—human conversation.

From my perspective, one of the biggest problems in our profession these days is that there’s so little time for genuine conversation in which we can admit our ignorance and seek answers to our questions. That’s why a few years ago we started offering our Networker webcasts—free-wheeling conversations with the leaders in our field—to give therapists a front row seat for a different kind of intimate learning experience.

The Networker has now broadcast over 150 conversations with the practitioners and thinkers shaping our profession. In our upcoming virtual conference, State of the Art 2013, we’ve selected the most popular and thought-provoking of these conversations, as well as some highlights from the Networker Symposium, our annual Mardi Gras on the Potomac. The 40 events in State of the Art 2013 have been organized into four specialty areas—couples and family; integrative mental health; brain science and attachment; and anxiety, depression, and trauma—to help you find the material most relevant to your practice needs. Here’s your chance to see the leaders in our field—people like Jack Kornfield, Dan Siegel, Sue Johnson, Tara Brach, Don Meichenbaum, and Pat Ogden—step out from behind the podium to answer candid questions about how they handle all the messy situations and frustrations in their consultation rooms that are often ignored in the well-polished presentations normally seen on the workshop circuit.

State of the Art 2013 is your chance to encounter not only some of the most respected teachers in our field, but a chance to sit in the “third chair” in an intimate conversational salon, watching and listening to the kind of totally unscripted, sometimes deeply personal explorations that rarely happens in the show biz atmosphere of larger trainings. We look forward to your bringing both your curiosity and your questions to the collective exploration we’re calling State of the Art 2013, and hope you’ll become part of the conversation.

State of the Art 2013
Begins Monday, November 4

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