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Introducing the Psychotherapy Networker Daily

Rich Simon

index-new-dailyAt last year’s Networker Symposium, an attendee stopped me in the hall to tell me why he hadn’t missed one of these events in the past 25 years. Like many therapists, he spent most of his working hours in his office, sitting with clients, figuring out insurance forms, or writing up case notes—usually alone, mostly isolated from other colleagues, starved for opportunities to talk candidly about the challenges he faced every day. The Symposium, he said, was the one time during the year when he felt like a member of a genuine community, a part of something bigger than himself where he could luxuriate in the company of so many colleagues whose lives paralleled his own. For him it was like a huge therapy group, but with better food and wine.

I think we all know what he meant. There are more than 600,000 mental health practitioners around the country, but for the most part, we might all be hidden away in cloisters for the chances we get to directly connect and learn from each other.  It’s true, the annual Symposium offers such an opportunity, but it only lasts four days out of the year. Of course, we keep in touch via the Psychotherapy Networker, the publication that remains the heart and soul of our ongoing exploration of what’s going on in our fascinating field. But the Networker, rooted in the ancient traditions of print journalism, only arrives in your mailbox every other month. In this quick-stepping digital age, it has become increasingly clear to us that our far-flung therapist readership craves a regular hit of more immediate, day-to-day contact.

So, media dinosaurs though we are, this week, along with our redesigned website and our rapidly approaching virtual conference, we inaugurated something new—the Psychotherapy Networker Daily, an email newsletter that some of you have begun to receive and the rest will be getting shortly. The Daily is designed to be a bit like clicking on your own mini-Symposium experience when you open your inbox every morning. We hope you’ll find it to be an essential companion in your practice, bringing you clinical tips, video clips with the field’s leaders, research briefs, and answers to questions about your toughest cases.

Through the Daily, we look forward to deepening our relationship with our readers, expanding the  ongoing conversation in our field about the challenges and rewards of being a therapist today, and becoming a welcome daily source of information, support, and inspiration in your practice for many years to come.

Topic: Professional Development

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