Moving Beyond DSM-5

David Mays on the Future of Psychotherapy

Rich Simon

However much we all might like to discuss and debate DSM-5, the field of psychotherapy continues to move forward, so we need to look to the future and understand what lies ahead for the treatment of mental disorders.

David Mays—a forensic psychiatrist and author of the Major Mental Illness Pocket Guides—is especially eager to move beyond the drama of DSM-5 and explore the developments that are shaping the future of psychotherapy—and the inevitable next edition of the DSM.

In a clip from David’s session in our new webcast series, The Uproar Over DSM-5, he talks about his disappointment in how medications are currently used and prescribed, the changes he’s seeing taking place, and what those changes mean for the next generation of pharmaceuticals.

This is just one of the new developments that go beyond DSM-5 that David will discuss in our brand-new webcast series.

The Uproar Over DSM-5:
How The New Standards Affect Your Practice
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Here’s a preview of what each session in this series offers you:

  • Allen Frances on Saving Normal: Has Psychiatric Diagnosis Gotten Out of Control?
    Learn why the head of the DSM-IV Task Force believes that “DSM-5 is a sad moment in the history of psychiatry.”

  • Martha Teater on Navigating the New DSM-5: Ten Ways It Will Impact Your Practice Get a concise overview of the major revisions in DSM-5 by a presenter who has already trained 4,000 therapists in the new DSM system.

  • Darrel Regier on Answering the Critics: Inside the Decision-Making for DSM-5
    Hear about the scientific rationale behind the major changes in the new DSM from the Vice Chair of the DSM-5 Task Force.

  • Jack Klott on Revolutionizing Diagnosis and Treatment Using DSM-5
    Explore how DSM-5 can enhance your case conceptualization and understanding of your clients’ behavior.

  • Gary Greenberg on The Book of Woe: DSM and the Unmaking of Psychiatry
    Take a look at the blend of hard science, institutional politics, public relations, and bureaucratic in-fighting that helped shape DSM-5.

  • David Mays on Beyond DSM-5: The Future of Treating Mental Disorders
    Examine the latest developments in the field that will eventually lead to radical changes in the next edition of the DSM.

The Uproar Over DSM-5
Final Session Broadcasts This Wednesday
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Topic: Psychopharmacology

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