The Best DSM Ever Written?

Jack Klott, an Advocate for DSM-5, Speaks Out

Rich Simon

In the intense debate its publication has sparked, DSM-5 has both its critics and its champions. One of the latter is Jack Klott, a mental health professional with 45 years of experience who’s trained over 10,000 therapists in the use of DSM. After reading DSM-5 cover to cover, he says that the new edition is “the best DSM ever written.”

For more on why DSM-5 is the book therapists love to hate, click here.

In this video clip from our Networker Webcast series The Uproar Over DSM-5, Jack details why, despite one major flaw, he believes DSM-5 is a triumph for our field.

The Uproar Over DSM-5
How to Use the New Standards with Confidence

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Jack Klott, M.S.S.A., is the founder of the Michigan Association of Suicidology, and the author of The Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Planner and Suicide and Psychological Pain: Prevention That Works. Jack joins Allen Frances, Martha Teater, Darrel Regier, Gary Greenberg, and David Mays for the re-release of our invaluable webcast series.

Here’s a preview of what each session in this series offers you:

  • Allen Frances on Saving Normal: Has Psychiatric Diagnosis Gotten Out of Control?
    Learn why the head of the DSM-IV Task Force believes that “DSM-5 is a sad moment in the history of psychiatry.”

  • Martha Teater on Navigating the New DSM-5: 10 Ways It Will Impact Your Practice
    Get an overview of the major revisions in DSM-5 by a presenter who’s already trained 4,000 therapists in the new DSM system.

  • Darrel Regier on Answering the Critics: Inside the Decision-Making for DSM-5
    Hear about the scientific rationale behind the major changes in the new DSM from the vice chair of the DSM-5 Task Force.

  • Jack Klott on Revolutionizing Diagnosis and Treatment Using DSM-5
    Explore how DSM-5 can enhance your case conceptualization and understanding of your clients’ behavior.

  • Gary Greenberg on The Book of Woe: DSM and the Unmaking of Psychiatry
    Take a look at the blend of hard science, institutional politics, public relations, and bureaucratic in-fighting that helped shape DSM-5.

  • David Mays on Beyond DSM-5: The Future of Treating Mental Disorders
    Examine the latest developments in the field that will lead to radical changes in the next edition of the DSM.

The Uproar Over DSM-5
How to Use the New Standards with Confidence

Click here for full course details

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