Anxiety as a GPS

Danie Beaulieu On How to Make Panic An Ally

Rich Simon

Most of our therapeutic interventions for anxiety center around managing over-blown feelings of fear. But what if we consider anxiety as a vital signal, alerting us that we are taking actions that do not align with who we truly are?

In a recent conversation—part of our upcoming webcast series on the latest advances in treating anxiety—Danie Beaulieu explains how panic can function as the voice of clients’ internal GPS, telling them when they are making a “wrong turn” in their lives.

In this video clip, Danie tells the story of a client’s panic attacks at work, and how he eventually heard the valuable information they contained.

In just the few minutes of the interview, you’ll find plenty that you can apply directly in your own work with anxious clients.

Danie Beaulieu is the founder of Academie Impact, a training institute and producer of therapeutic aids, and author of Impact Techniques for Therapists.

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