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Join 6 of Psychotherapy's Leaders on the Path to Wisdom

Here’s your chance for a close-up encounter with Mary Pipher, Irvin Yalom, Eugene Gendlin, Tara Brach, Ron Siegel, and Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman. They’ll explore the role of wisdom in clinical practice and they’ll offer practical guidance on how you can cultivate the qualities and practices that foster wisdom in your life. You’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize and call upon the deepest sources of wisdom in you and in your clients.
  • Maintain freshness in your work by recognizing and avoiding the dulling trance of the habitual.
  • Develop everyday practices that nurture your own capacity for compassion, authenticity, and wisdom—both inside and outside the consulting room.
  • Distinguish between different wisdom traditions and their relevance to your life and work.
  • Discover new strategies for attuning to and shifting the habits of mind that can distort your everyday perceptions of other people and the world.
  • Empower yourself to face the Big Picture of the world’s complex problems without flinching or becoming demoralized.

Are you ready to investigate the elusive quality we call wisdom and consider its important role in a fulfilling life and true psychological healing? Sign up right now for our 6-session Webcast series Six Faces of Wisdom: Pathways to Becoming a Better Therapist.

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Session 1

Mapping the Journey to Wisdom
Ron Siegel, M.D.

Learn how to go beyond the technical dimensions and deepen your work by:

Ron Siegel
  • Understanding the contrasts between traditional Western vs. Eastern conceptions of wisdom
  • Exploring what Buddhist psychology teaches us about annica (Impermanence), dhukka (Unsatisfactoriness), and anatta (No-Self)
  • Discovering the value of the mantra W.A.I.T. (“Why Am I Talking?”)
  • Investigating a range of qualities associated with wisdom, including compassion, concern for the consequences of your action, intelligence, and practical problem solving

Ron Siegel is an assistant clinical professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School.

Session 2

Transcending the Habitual
Eugene Gendlin, Ph.D.

Explore how to bring ongoing freshness and novelty to your life and practice by:

Eugene Gendlin
  • Learning how to put attention deliberately in the body and experience the felt sense
  • Mastering Focusing as a way of discovering the forward movement in moment-to-moment awareness
  • Realizing how common phrases and stale language get in the way of new experience
  • Recognizing the limits of mindfulness
  • Utilizing the power of fresh symbolizing and the creative life force

Eugene Gendlin is a major American philosopher and psychologist who has been honored four times by the American Psychological Association for his development of Experiential Psychotherapy.

Session 3

Living the Unlived Life
Tara Brach, Ph.D.

Discover how to cultivate practices that take us beyond our limiting stories by:

Tara Brach
  • Distinguishing between therapy and the spiritual path
  • Recognizing the shadow side of both therapy and spirituality
  • Mobilizing the power of intention and full presence in the therapeutic relationship
  • Learning how to embrace negative as well as positive emotion
  • Using deliberate practice to enhance both therapeutic and spiritual awareness

Tara Brach is a founder and senior teacher of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington D.C.  A clinical psychologist and Western teacher of Buddhism, Brach is known for integrating psychotherapy with a range of meditative and mindfulness.

Session 4

Cultivating Authenticity
Irvin Yalom, M.D.

Investigate the meaning of authenticity in both therapy and life by:

Irvin Yalom
  • Exploring how to address issues of mortality, freedom, meaninglessness, and isolation
  • Looking at the three aspects of self-disclosure in the therapeutic relationship
  • Discovering what’s revealed by asking clients to describe the concrete details of their day
  • Considering what art and novel writing can teach us about psychotherapy
  • How the prospect of facing one’s approaching mortality influences the experience of life

Irvin Yalom is Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at Stanfrod University.

Session 5

Acting Wisely in the Wider World
Mary Pipher, Ph.D.

Discover how to remain joyous and empowered even while taking on the challenge of addressing the world’s problems by:

Mary Pipher
  • Learning how the Transcendent Response can emerge from the cycle of trauma to resilient coping
  • Exploring how to grow your Moral Imagination through connecting with others to take social action
  • Considering how therapists can serve as community educators without crossing ethical boundaries
  • Investigating effective strategies for bringing people out of denial about global issues
  • Finding out how to bring more experience of bliss and awe into your life

Mary Pipher is the author of the best seller Reviving Ophelia and most recently, Seeking Peace: Chronicles of the World's Worst Buddhist, about her fight against midlife depression.

Session 6

Identifying What Really Matters
Daniel Kahneman, Ph.D.

Gain insight from the work of a Noble-winning psychologist into the processes of choice and judgment in human cognition by:

Daniel Kahneman
  • Exploring the differences between System 1 and System 2
  • Distinguishing between the Experiencing Self and the Remembering Self
  • Recognizing the power of story, the availability bias, and heuristics (mental rules) in organizing our perceptions of the world
  • Reviewing strategies for encouraging a more productive conversation between System 1 and System 2
  • Mobilizing the power of context and relabeling to alter System 1 and System 2

Daniel Kahneman is a Senior Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Afairs at Princeton University, and winner of the 2002 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

Do you want to enhance your capacities for compassion, authenticity, and deep wisdom? Sign up right now for our 6-session Webcast series Six Faces of Wisdom: Pathways to Becoming a Better Therapist.

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Have You Ever Wondered How to...

  • Tap into the deepest source of wisdom in your clients... and yourself?
  • Develop more fully the capacity to live “in the moment"?
  • See beyond the limiting stories your clients bring to therapy?
  • Enhance your capacities for compassion, authenticity, and deep wisdom?

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Do you want to see beyond the limiting stories your clients share with you in therapy? Sign up right now for our 6-session Webcast series Six Faces of Wisdom: Pathways to Becoming a Better Therapist.

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Wisdom can be cultivated. Meet the wise souls who will share what they know about the process. All 6 Webcast sessions available now. Take up to a full year to watch and review at your convenience.

Would you like to better recognize and call upon the deepest sources of wisdom in your clients? Sign up right now for our 6-session Webcast series Six Faces of Wisdom: Pathways to Becoming a Better Therapist.

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The content of this course is at the introductory to intermediate level.