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MC0003 Beyond Pills: Effective Psychotherapy With Depressive Clients On-Demand

Michael Yapko

A Master Class Webcast with Michael Yapko
Learn what the latest research says about helping depressed clients change their thought patterns, increase self-care, reconnect with supportive social networks, and enhance positive feelings – all without antidepressants! - Includes video demonstration in Session 2!

Watch or Listen Anytime On-Demand!
Improve Your Effectiveness! Expand Your Skills!

This 4-session Streaming-Video Webcast combines exploration, intensive practical training, and a clinical video demonstration. You’ll be able to incorporate new tools and methods into your practice right away. You’ll learn:

What psychotherapy can do that medications can't

How to use hypnosis and mindfulness to enhance treatment

When family interventions help depression and when they don't

The roles genetics and socialization play in depression

A step-by-step approach to structuring the experiential learning opportunities that assist depressed clients in skill-building

Enhance Your Clinical Effectiveness
Session 1 - Winning Some Battles, but Losing the War
  • Why medicalizing depression has made a bad problem worse
  • 9 reasons to be cautious about antidepressant medications
  • What psychotherapy can do that medication can't
  • Hypnosis, mindfulness, homework as part of experiential treatment
  • Empowerment as a theme and a practical framework
Session 2 - Watching It Work: The Case of Mike, a Depressed, Anxious Man
  • Identifying targets of treatment while building therapeutic momentum
  • Reframing a childhood history of violent abuse
  • Expanding future-oriented possibilities through applied hypnosis
  • Building and contextualizing self-empowering resources
Session 3 - The Social Side of Depression
  • Relationships as risk factors -- or buffers
  • Genetics and socialization as key therapeutic variables
  • The social ecology of the problem: depression is contagious
  • Thinking strategically, socially, and hypnotically about depression
Session 4 - Q&A Session with Michael Yapko
  • Consolidate your learnin
  • Incorporate the knowledge from this course into your practice
  • Explore how to apply principles learned in your practice
Now You Can SEE And HEAR!
Streaming-Video Webcasts
Click here to watch a preview of the demo from Session 2 of this series:

7 Reasons To Sign Up For This Master Class Now!
1. Four hours of learning with master therapist Michael Yapko
2. Streaming-video clinical demonstration and case study
3. A Q&A Session to help integrate learning
4. MP3 and slides of each session. Yours to keep!
5. Access to sessions available anytime!
6. Bonus readings and MP3 of hypnosis session with Dr. Yapko
7. Earn 5 CEs!
What Your Colleagues Say About Michael Yapko

"Michael knows his subject and isn't afraid to be controversial. Bravo."

"Yapko is a true expert in this area."

"I left with a lot of practical skills that will help me work more effectively in my practice."

"I appreciate how Yapko wove together theoretical information with solid clinical applications."

"I really enjoyed how Michael broke down the
concrete steps of therapy."

You'll Get These Additional Benefits!
Readings By Michael Yapko, including...
  • The Art and Science of Clinical Hypnosis: Why It Enhances Treatment So Well
  • Hypnosis in Treating Symptoms and Risk Factors of Major Depression
  • Hypnotic Intervention for Ambiguity as a Depressive Risk Factor

FREE MP3! Dr. Yapko Doing a Hypnosis Session

Vibrant Learning Community--Tap into the group’s collective experience with comment boards.
Meet Michael Yapko
Michael Yapko, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized expert, known for his work in the strategic treatment of depression. His latest book is Depression Is Contagious. Others include Hypnosis and Treating Depression and Hand-Me-Down Blues: Overcoming Depression in Families.

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