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State of the Art 2013: Day-by-Day

Keynote Keynote | Couples and Family Couples & Family | MindBody Integrative Mental Health Brain Science Brain Science & Attachment | Anxiety Anxiety, Depression & Trauma

Monday, November 4

Keynote The Power of Attention Dan Goleman 1 hour / 1CE
Does Neuroscience Really Matter? Dan Siegel & Rick Hanson 1 hour / 1CE
Couples & Family Reclaiming Parental Authority Ron Taffel 1 hour / 1CE
Couples & Family Overcoming Your Fears of Couples Therapy Ellyn Bader & Peter Pearson 1 hour / 1CE
Spirituality and Its Discontents Jack Kornfield 1 hour / 1CE
Are We Too Attached to Attachment Theory? Jerome Kagan 1 hour / 1CE
Anxiety The Body in Trauma Work Pat Ogden 1 hour / 1CE
See Day 1 Full Descriptions

Tuesday, November 5

Keynote Deliberate Practice and Inner Transformation Tara Brach 1 hour / 1CE
Couples and Family Commitment and Its Challenges in 21st Century Couples Esther Perel & William Doherty 1 hour / 1CE
Couples and Family The Power of Emotion Susan Johnson & Kathryn Rheem 2.5 hours / 2.5CEs
MindBody Suggesting Mindfulness Michael Yapko 1 hour / 1CE
Brain Science Creating a Corrective Emotional Experience Diane Poole Heller 1 hour / 1CE
Brain Science Understanding Polyvagal Theory Stephen Porges 1 hour / 1CE
Brain Science Truth Telling in Couples Work David Schnarch 1 hour / 1CE
Anxiety The Motivation Revolution David Burns 1 hour / 1CE
Anxiety Trauma in Context Ken Hardy 1 hour / 1CE

See Day 2 Full Descriptions 

Wednesday, November 6

Keynote Coming to Our Senses: Healing Ourselves and Our World Jon Kabat-Zinn 1 hour / 1CE
Anxiety Treating Trauma: A 30 Year Perspective Mary Jo Barrett & Dick Schwartz 1 hour / 1CE
Couples and Family Confidentiality, Secrets, and Dealing with Affairs Esther Perel 1 hour / 1CE
Couples and Family Cyber Intimacy and Cyber Solitude Sherry Turkle 1 hour / 1CE
MindBody Emotional Healing Tara Brach 4 hours / 4CEs
MindBody Transcending the Habitual Eugene Gendlin 1 hour / 1CE
Brain Science Attachment: A Continuing Debate Jerome Kagan & Dan Siegel 1 hour / 1CE
Anxiety A Mind/Body Approach to Depression James Gordon 1 hour / 1CE

See Day 3 Full Descriptions 

Thursday, November 7

Keynote Psychotherapy and the Science of Human Excellence Anders Ericsson 1 hour / 1CE
MindBody The Now Moment Chris Germer & Diana Fosha 1 hour / 1CE
Couples and Family Family Therapy for the Postmodern Family Martha Straus 1 hour / 1CE
MindBody Customizing Mindfulness Ron Siegel 2 hours / 2CEs
MindBody Bringing the Felt Sense into the Consulting Room Joan Klagsbrun 1 hour / 1CE
Brain Science When is Attachment the Issue? Bruce Ecker 1 hour / 1CE
Anxiety Interrupting the Anxiety Cycle Danie Beaulieu 1 hour / 1CE

See Day 4 Full Descriptions

Friday, November 8

Keynote Future View Gary Small, William Doherty, & Susan Johnson 1 hour / 1CE
MindBody Using Mindfulness to Deepen Emotional Experience Diana Fosha 1 hour / 1CE
Couples and Family Men and Intimacy Pat Love 1 hour / 1CE
Brain Science Interpersonal Neurobiology in the Consulting Room Dan Siegel 1 hour / 1CE
Brain Science Brain to Brain Janina Fisher 4 hours / 4CEs
Anxiety The 5 Essential Ingredients of Effective Trauma Treatment Mary Jo Barrett 1 hour / 1CE
Anxiety The Core Tasks of Psychotherapy Don Meichenbaum 2 hours / 2CEs
See Day 5 Full Descriptions

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