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Trauma Continuing Education

For in-depth resources on therapy, post-traumatic stress disorder and trauma, continuing education programs through Psychotherapy Networker keep you on the field's cutting edge, right from your home or office. Our CE programs are available in three main formats: streaming-video webcast courses, innovative webinars, MP3 audio courses with leaders in the field, and quick reading and Magazine CE courses. The Networker is a highly respected and award-winning publication, and our continuing education courses are among the most comprehensive and timely in the psychotherapy field. All of our CE programs meet the approval of the American Psychological Association, National Board of Certified Counselors, National Association of Social Workers, and the Association of Social Work Boards, as well as many state boards. (To see a complete list of our CE approvals, click here.) Explore all of our CE offerings today to learn more about what clinical training and community connection we have available.

A Leader In CE Technology

Our newest, most dynamic CE offerings are our streaming-video webcast courses. From the spirited debate of the relevancy of Attachment Theory, to the latest developments Couples Therapy, to new paths to Achieving Clinical Excellence, our webcast courses provide relevant, cutting edge information from today’s leaders in our field. We also offer streaming-video Master Classes with prominent psychotherapists, in-depth webinars on trauma, audio courses on almost any therapeutic specialty including trauma and ethics, and quick online reading and 2-CE magazine courses. Just watch, listen or read online, take your quiz, then print your CE certificate immediately—trauma continuing education credits have never been more easily available. Log in and browse our trauma offerings to find the course that is right for you. When you’re ready to fulfill your continued learning credits, Networker CEs can be your one-stop destination.

In addition, you’ll be able to participate in discussions with other therapists and the presenters themselves--this online setting simulates a physical classroom, creating a productive community atmosphere for all participants.

Free Trauma Resources

Our website also provides hundreds of free articles and resources on many psychotherapy topics, including trauma, ethics, couples therapy, brain science and psychotherapy, and mindfulness. In addition, you can participate in discussions and read blogs in the community section of our website.

Here at the Networker, we understand that online offerings can be overwhelming to navigate--this is why we've designed our courses to be as easy as possible. With the help of our attentive and skilled support team, you can participate in a streaming-video webcast course with just basic computer knowledge. If you're still more comfortable taking courses at home, we also offer trauma continuing education and other courses through audio home study. These are the same courses offered online, mailed to you in CD format. You will be able to access the instructor’s handouts and the CE quiz online, allowing you to print your CE certificate instantly.

Comprehensive Continuing Education

Your continuing education is important, and our CE offerings will help you expand your clinical mastery and broaden your opportunities to build and maintain a thriving practice. Our website developed as an extension of our award-winning publication, and has now taken on a rich, dynamic life of its own, offering topics and resources well beyond our print publication.

Whether your clinical interests in psychotherapy are focused on ethics, sexuality, trauma, or other therapeutic topics, continuing education programs through the Networker are a valuable and user-friendly option. Our courses make it convenient and easy for you to learn at your own pace from home, in a format that suits your learning style. Learn more today by visiting us at