Join Us to Envision the Future of Your Practice

With all the challenges and uncertainties in our profession, the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium is the one source of skill training, intellectual stimulation, support, and inspiration you can rely on. Each year, it offers a restorative four-day festival of conversation and creativity among people who “get” what you face from day to day. Not only is the Symposium the best educational bonanza in the field, but it’s guaranteed to leave you feeling connected, fortified, and well prepared to look into the future and see what “the colors of tomorrow” are for you.

Get the Full Symposium Experience—
3 Days or 4—with Full Pass or Full Pass PLUS


Expand Your Sense of Possibilities:
Embrace The Colors Of Tomorrow

The Symposium not only charts the field’s latest advances, but it creates a deeply personal, face-to-face learning community of colleagues, teachers, and role models dedicated to showing you how you can become more of the therapist you wish to be. In addition to the faculty of 100 of psychotherapy’s most accomplished practitioners, this year’s program features one of the most celebrated assemblages of featured speakers ever to be included in a single Symposium. Read more.

head-kabatzinnJon Kabat-Zinn
Let the Beauty We Love Be What We do
head-gottman John Gottman & Julie Schwartz Gottman
Couples Therapy
head-ackermanDiane Ackerman
Imagining Tomorrow
keynotes-seigelDaniel Siegel
Imagining Tomorrow
head-perelEsther Perel
The New Rules of Love and Commitment
head-schwartzNEWRichard Schwartz
The Inner Game of Psychotherapy
Bessel van der KolkBessel van der Kolk
The Psychotherapy of Tomorrow
keynotes-randolphAnn Randolph
Squeeze Box: a One-Woman Show

Can You Afford To Miss All This?

We’ve designed the Symposium to foster full-engagement learning—from Thursday events that free the body and awaken the mind to Sunday events that help you integrate and apply the inspiration you’ve gained to your practice at home. Your Symposium experience includes:

  • Innovative strategies that open up new possibilities with even your toughest cases
  • Creative approaches and practical insights from 100 of the field’s best teachers
  • Hands-on opportunities to practice what you learn in over 130 workshops
  • Innovative models and down-to-earth guidance on building a thriving practice
  • An unparalleled opportunity to recharge, reenergize, and refocus in an atmosphere of collegiality, support, and adventure
  • A year’s worth of CEs!

Get the Full Symposium Experience—
3 Days or 4—with Full Pass or Full Pass PLUS

Experience a gathering with more range and excitement than any conference in our field. Immerse yourself in the flow of the Symposium with the Full Pass for 3 days or Full Pass PLUS for all 4 days. Whichever you choose, you’ll get FREE access to our new Symposium follow-up Webcast Q&A Sessions with Jon Kabat-Zinn, John Gottman, Julie Schwartz Gottman, Diane Ackerman, Richard Schwartz, Esther Perel, and Daniel Siegel. This is a great way to continue the learning in the weeks following the Symposium and it’s FREE only to Full Pass & Full Pass PLUS attendees.


No Other Conference Gives You More

Workshops That Match Your Needs and Interests

By organizing our conference around four major clinical specialty areas, we make it easier than ever to find exactly what you’re looking for to deepen your current work or explore new interests.

Flash Forums–Your Roadmap to the Future of Psychotherapy

The leading thinkers, innovators and clinicians in their specialties highlight key developments and hot debates through dynamic TED Talk-style presentations, lively dialogue, and collective exploration. Read more.

Your Chance to Connect, Engage, and Network with Your Peers

The last thing anyone expects of you at the Symposium is to act like a stiff therapist tied to an appointment book. Here’s a chance to open up to whatever fun encounter, new idea, or exciting conversation comes your way.

Get the Full Symposium Experience—
3 Days or 4—with Full Pass or Full Pass PLUS


Something Transformative Happens
When the Symposium Tribe Gathers—Be Part Of It!

Every year 3,500 psychotherapists gather for the Networker Symposium in Washington, DC. These are your people. They speak your language, share your interests, and know the challenges you face. Hear what past attendees have to say about what the Symposium means to them:

For yourself and for the sake of your clients, join us for the annual gathering of your professional tribe. Recharge your spirits, restore your emotional equilibrium, and get the tools you need to meet whatever challenges events in the larger world, your personal caseload, or managed care throw your way.


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