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Are You Ready To Change Your Outlook, Change Your Energy, Change Your Practice?

From beginning to end, Symposium 2014 explores a new vision of therapy—one focused on evoking a deep, visceral engagement that grabs clients’ attention. With new events on all 4 days and a heightened focus on creating lasting change, this Symposium will enable you to be more present, more expressive, more dynamic—more effective—in your work and in your life than ever before.

Save the Dates

2015 Networker Symposium • March 26th – 29th

2016 Networker Symposium • March 17th – 20th

Can You Afford To Miss All This?

  • Innovative strategies that open up new possibilities with even your toughest cases
  • Creative approaches and practical insights from 125 of the field’s most acclaimed teachers
  • Hands-on opportunities to practice what you learn in over 165 workshops
  • Down-to-earth guidance on revitalizing your practice and thriving in today’s competitive marketplace
  • An unparalleled opportunity to recharge, re-energize, and refocus in an atmosphere of collegiality, support, and adventure
  • A year’s worth of CEs!

No Other Conference Gives You More

Zero In On Workshops That Match Your Needs and Interests

By organizing our conference around 4 major clinical specialty areas, we make it easier than ever to find exactly what you’re looking for to deepen your current work or explore new clinical interests.

Explore The Cutting Edge With Our New Flash Forums

Flash Forums bring together leading innovators in a specific clinical specialty to highlight key developments and hot debates through dynamic TED Talk-style presentations, lively dialogue, and collective exploration. Read more.

Expand Your Perspective on Psychotherapy and Beyond

Science has shown us that effective therapy—like theater, art and music—must create an experience that goes beyond words. This year’s featured speakers, both from within our field and outside it, will stretch your imagination and expand your vision. Read more.

Anna Deveare Smith Anna Deavere Smith
The Art of Listening

Rick HansonRick Hanson
Brain Science and Psychotherapy

Peter LevinePeter Levine
Trauma and the Body’s Silent Voice

Maria Bamford An Evening With
Maria Bamford

Diana FoshaDiana Fosha
The Power of Full Engagement
Bessel van der KolkBessel van der Kolk
Frontiers of Trauma Treatment
Barbara FredricksonBarbara Fredrickson
Rethinking Love
Daniel SiegelDaniel Siegel

Save the Dates

2015 Networker Symposium • March 26th – 29th

2016 Networker Symposium • March 17th – 20th

A Personal Invitation from Rich Simon

Go Beyond Talk and Engage Your Emotional Brain!

Advances in brain science tell us that full immersion in a learning experience yields the most enduring impact. So we’ve designed the Symposium to foster full-engagement learning—from Thursday events that free the body and awaken the mind to new Sunday events that help you retain, integrate, and apply the inspiration you’ve gained to your practice at home.

Don’t Miss Out on the Practice-Transforming
Impact of Symposium 2014

Symposium 2014—It’s The Antidote To Professional Isolation

Every year 3,500 psychotherapists gather for the Networker Symposium in Washington, DC. These are your people. They speak your language, share your interests, and know the challenges you face. Hear what they have to say about the Symposium Experience:

Something Transformative Happens
When the Symposium Tribe Gathers—Be Part Of It!

Why? The Symposium will deepen your grasp of the therapeutic craft, open your eyes to new dimensions of clinical engagement, and rejuvenate your spirit. It’s a unique opportunity to learn from the best minds in our field, discover the latest developments in the art and science of psychotherapy, and connect with the most creative and motivated practitioners in our profession. Don’t miss out!

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