507 The Core Tasks of Psychotherapy

Don Meichenbaum

Don MeichenbaumWhat are the characteristics and practices of expert therapists that account for their effectiveness? This Symposium 2013 Workshop offers an integration of both evidence-based interventions and relationship-focused approaches that provide a comprehensive structure for effective treatment across the full range of presenting problems. Using a case conceptualization model, you’ll gain insight on how to:

  • help patients tell their story in ways that help identify strengths and resilience and enables them to reconceptualize their problem
  • educate clients about new coping skills, while encouraging them to perform personal experiments to unfreeze beliefs about the self, the world, and the future
  • use techniques that enhance clients’ sense of resourcefulness and agency, like the “vicious cycle” model and “Columbo-style” interviewing method


Donald Meichenbaum, PhD, one of the founders of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, is distinguished professor emeritus at the University of Waterloo in Ontario. His books include Roadmap to Resilience: A Guide for Military, Trauma Victims and Their Families. Website: www.roadmaptoresilience.org 

For more papers by Dr. Meichenbaum, visit http://www.melissainstitute.org/

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