407 Interrupting the Anxiety Cycle

Danie Beaulieu

Danie BeaulieuAnxiety is the most common problem that clients bring into psychotherapy. This session from our Anxiety Webcast Series highlights the importance of bringing nonverbal, experiential methods into the consulting room. Expand your range of active, engaging, sensory-based interventions with anxious clients by:

  • understanding the role of thoughts, body responses, and behavior in the Circle of Anxiety
  • examining the etiologies of different types of anxiety
  • learning a wide range of metaphors, images, and multisensory interventions to enliven and enrich your work
  • teaching clients to recognize when anxiety is playing a positive role as a “GPS” response


Danie Beaulieu, PhD, is the founder of Academie Impact, a training institute, publisher, and producer of therapeutic aids. Her books include Impact Techniques for Therapists, Impact Techniques in the Classroom, and Eye Movement Integration: The Comprehensive Guide. Website: http://www.impactacademy.net/en/daniebeaulieu.php

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