405 Bringing the Felt Sense into the Consulting Room

Joan Klagsbrun

Joan KlagsbrunWhen clients get stuck in their emotions—reactive anger, overwhelming sadness, frantic worry—engaging them in a body-oriented felt sense of their experience can guide them toward healing, movement, and growth. In this Webcast Session, learn how to bring a new dimension of emotional exploration into your work by:

  • mastering the 6 Steps of Focusing
  • developing clients’ capacity for self-acceptance and body awareness
  • helping clients find a verbal handle for their nonverbal states
  • using focusing to access wisdom and creative intelligence


Joan Klagsbrun, PhD, a psychologist in private practice in the Boston area and an adjunct faculty member at Lesley University, has been teaching Focusing internationally for more than 30 years. Website: http://www.focusing.org/cfp-page/511/klagsbrun_joan.html

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