308 A Mind-Body Approach to Depression

James Gordon

James GordonA new vision of integrative mental health that goes beyond the “talking cure” is emerging in our profession. This Webcast Session on depression reflects our growing awareness of the inseparability of mind and body. Acquire a wide range of mind-body techniques designed to help people with mood problems get unstuck by:

  • understanding their depression not as a disorder, but as spiritual journey and identity crisis
  • incorporating movement, physical exercise, shaking, and dancing into your work
  • recognizing the vital role that imagery and expressive drawings can play in treatment
  • exploring the roles of nutrition and herbal supplements as an alternative to psychopharmacology


James Gordon, MD, the founder and director of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine and a clinical professor in the departments of psychiatry and family medicine at Georgetown University School of Medicine. He’s the author of Unstuck: Your Guide to the Seven Stage Journey out of Depression. Website: http://www.jamesgordonmd.com/

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