207 Truth Telling in Couples Work

David Schnarch

David SchnarchIn order to be effective couples therapists, we have to be realistic about our clients’ capacity to manipulate, lie to, and harm each other. In this Webcast Session on couples, David Schnarch shares a clinical method that challenges clients by focusing on their sense of adult responsibility rather than childish entitlement. Join us as he demonstrates the importance of:

  • understanding the limits of empathy and attachment-based psychotherapy
  • recognizing partners’ power to mind map and understand the impact of their own actions even when they don’t acknowledge it
  • learning how to create an atmosphere of challenge and truth-telling as early as possible to avoid manipulation and time-wasting
  • bringing out the best in clients by helping them come clean about the worst parts of themselves


David Schnarch, PhD, ABPP, is the founder of Crucible Therapy and directs the Crucible Institute in Evergreen Colorado. His international bestselling books include Intimacy & Desire, Passionate Marriage, and Resurrecting Sex. He received APA’s 2013 and AAMFT’s 2011 awards for outstanding contributions to clinical practice. Website: http://www.Crucible4Points.com


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