106 Are We Too Attached to Attachment Theory?

Jerome Kagan

Jerome KaganHas attachment theory risen to such prominence in our field because of its scientific merit, or is it merely a product of its time that’s losing its shine with age? In this Webcast Session, Jerome Kagan makes the case against popular views of attachment theory, arguing that historical context and questionable methodology played a part in making this theory as influential as it is today. Join us as Kagan explores:

  • whether temperament or attachment is more developmentally significant
  • the historical and social context in which attachment theory was formed
  • the important roles of social class and identification in childhood development— and their implications for therapists


Jerome Kagan, PhD, has conducted groundbreaking research on inborn temperament, personality, and the interaction of biology and psychology. His books include Temperamental Thread: How Genes, Culture, Time and Luck Make Us Who We Are, Galen’s Prophecy, and An Argument for Mind. Website: http://necsi.edu/faculty/kagan.html

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