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2014 July/August

An adequate substitution for psychotherapy?

Our Love Affair with Psychotropics

PNJA-1A Brief History of Psychoactive Drugs

By Mary Sykes Wylie

Over the last 150 years, we’ve seen waves of mass infatuations with psychotropic drugs—antidepressants being the latest. While all these drugs are different, their story arc seems to follow a predictable course.

PNJA-2Exploring Our Relationship with Our Meds

By Frank Anderson

The chemical effect of psychoactive meds is only part of their impact. In fact, people often develop complex relationships with the pills they take.

PNJA-2bThe Anatomy of a Psychiatric Consult

Steven Dubovsky

For many therapists, an air of mystery surrounds the role of psychopharmacology in mental health treatment. Here's a step-by-step tour of the complexities of the psychiatric consultation.


PNJA-3Waiting for the Next Magic Pill

By Talia Puzantian

Does our growing understanding of the brain and the prospect of further scientific discoveries mean there’s a new generation of magical pills on the horizon?

PNJA-3bHave They Lived up to Their Promise?

John Preston

After wading through the controversies and contradictions in the research literature on SSRIs, a critic of Big Pharma explains why he thinks these drugs may have gotten a bad rap.

The Whole World Is Watching TED

The Challenge of Becoming the Boss: How to Make a Group Practice Work

Making a group practice work means taking on the challenge of becoming a boss.

Letting Go of Hate: How to help clients change unconscious responses

Many well-intentioned therapists have suggested that their clients just “let go” of hate, as if it were a heavy load that they could simply drop to the ground.

When Talk Isn’t Enough: Easing Trauma’s Lingering Shock

Pioneering trauma expert Bessel van der Kolk shares his thoughts on the differences between public and private trauma.

What Makes Fanatics Tick?: Exploring the Psyches of People on the Fringe

Review of The Unpersuadables: Adventures with the Enemies of Science

A new book investigates the worldview of a range of fanatics who’ve dedicated their lives to holding onto to their antiscientific and antihistorical claims.

The Freedom Ride: On the Road with a Restless Woman and Her Son

A woman in transition takes her son on an eventful road trip.

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Open Wide!

Do We Know What Big Pharma is Giving Us?

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