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University of Tennessee Knoxville 10-30


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snipe-premiereeventDan Siegel and Rick Hanson

Dan SiegelRick Hanson Brain science research has taken the world of psychotherapy by storm. But, as therapists, how do we separate hype and pseudo-science from clinically relevant facts about the brain?

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Untangling Brain Science

Has it Lived Up to its Promise for Therapists


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PNMA14Cover Playing the DSM Game

Do We Have A Choice?


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PNJF14-1What’s Ahead in Psychotherapy’s Fascination with Brain Science?

By Rick Hanson

Labeling behavior in fancy neurophysiological terms can make what we do sound more scientifically rigorous than the notoriously fuzzy language of psychotherapy, but how clinically useful is this brain language anyway?

Rick HansonSaturday, November 5

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Rick Hanson • Our evolutionary history has wired our brains for negativity, causing us to overestimate threats and expect the worst. Join psychologist Rick Hanson to find out why this useful survival mechanism can become a problem in our 21st-century lives.