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From Estrangement to Engagement

Helping fathers and daughters connect

JF2013-3Helping Anxious Kids and Their Parents

By Lynn Lyons

In this age of helicopter parents and protective child professionals, we can often recreate a potent anxiety- reinforcing system around children that not only rewards anxiety, but encourages it to grow and take over even more of the child’s life.

Does Attachment Theory Really Matter?

By Mary Sykes Wylie and Lynn Turner

PNJF12-1...and What Therapists Can Do About It

By Ron Taffel

American parents today face a perfect storm of cultural and social circumstances that undermine the very foundations of parental authority...

PNND12-2Tapping the Wisdom of True Experts

By David Flohr

Traditional approaches to helping parents too often fail to address their profound sense of disempowerment and frustration. It’s time to find new ways to help mothers and fathers...

The Case for Attachment Theory

By Alan Sroufe and Daniel Siegel

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